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We are in the highest and oldest part of the city: according to the legend, in the part where Castelvecchio is situated, the twins Senio and Ascanio, Remus’ sons, sought refuge, fled after the murder of their father by their uncle Romulus. Once came here, they built a fort, called  Castelsenio.

B&B Il Barbero is the perfect point to start discover the historical and architectural jewels of Siena. Form here, you’ll be able to lose yourself in the ancient narrow streets and the wonderful view the city offers.

Pian dei Mantellini, in the past, bounded the South zone of  Castelvecchio and had in the centuries a significant concentration of churches and monasteries, as its name testifies. The “Matellini” were monks that were in the city since 1262 and so called for the short cloak (mantello) dressed over their habit.

Ask directly to Sara about the tours of the city or in the nearby, she’ll be able to suggest you delicious solutions tailored for any need.

The name of the Sara’s B&B comes with the passion for Siena and its traditions; therefore the word   Barbero is related to the Horse assigned by lottery to each Contrada that ride  the Palio.

Barbero is also the traditional wood marble, painted with the emblem and colors of the Contrada, used both for a game of the ride on a special little wooden track, and by the municipality for the drawing lot of the position at the start (mossa) into the “canapi” (the two ropes), on the Palio’s day.